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  • Ideal Destination for Your Health Care Needs

  • Affordable International Medical Services

  • Comfortable Stay in the Best Hotels

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Why Go Abroad?

Why Go Abroad?
  • High cost of health care at country of origin
  • Long waiting lists for certain procedures
  • Lack of treatment options
  • Lack of insurance coverag
  • Excellent medical care in reputable hospitals with top notch technology.
  • Cost-effective procedures, with trip and accommodation included, treatments for fractions of domestic prices.
  • You have the opportunity to travel to wonderful locations and spend the recovery time in a relaxed environment, free from everyday stress.
  • No waiting lists, quick response and immediate action.
  • Patient safety and satisfaction is our primary concern, therefore we adjust our recommendations to your individual health needs
Did You Know?

Medical travel is a $40 billion industry which is expected to gain even more popularity in the upcoming years.

An estimated 7 million medical travelers enjoy the benefits of low-cost, quality medical treatments abroad virtually in all medical fields, from dental services to weight-loss and cosmetic surgeries.


Iran is an ideal destination for health tourism. Patients can undergo treatment, recover and enjoy a holiday in Iran for much less than what it would cost them for treatment in other countries. The medical service in Iran is cheap while the healthcare establishments are well equipped and professional.

Affordability is another key factor bringing patients to Iran. And let’s not forget the Iranian legendary hospitality. This hospitality is a culture of the society which exists in Iranian medical establishment and  practiced by doctors and the staff of hospitals and clinics. They ensure the highest level of professionalism, safety and care to patients

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Why use The Marcopolo Health tourism Company?

The company has in-house medical experience that allows customers to go abroad with confidence.

We have identified and linked up with the leading hospitals and doctors in Iran

We have visited and inspected hospitals to ensure that the facilities meet our customers’ standards and expectations for medical care.

Our experience will give you confidence in sourcing quality and appropriate treatment at an affordable price.

A dedicated and experienced team in sending patients abroad for medical operations.

You are in safe hands…

We have helped hundreds of people have treatment abroad, saving them thousands in treatment costs.

We only use hospitals experienced in treating international patients with top class doctors so that you are in safe hands.

You will have absolute peace of mind while undergoing treatment/surgery while we will take care of you all the way.

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