Marcopolo Health Tourism Company

Marcopolo Health Tourism Company is one of the affiliates of Marcopolo Tourism Development Company, the pioneer travel holding and one of the most prominent tour operators both nationwide and across the region.

Marcopolo Health Tourism is Iran’s highest quality health tourism services provider. Our team brings you reliable, speedy and economical solution proposals for your health problems. Marcopolo Health Tourism offers all its customers organisation of airport pick-up, hotel booking, and all services required both before and after treatment.

Marcopolo Health Tourism is a firm that works efficiently and safely within the health tourism sector with the clinics and hospitals with whom we have made agreements. These clinics and hospitals have the strongest, most modern and most technological organisation in the country. Every detail and procedure regarding your health tour is carefully monitored by Marcopolo  Health Tourism’s managers.

The Marcopolo Health Tourism team offers you its experience in the field of health tourism to present the reliable and trouble-free management of services for your trip including hotel and hospital reservations, meetings with doctors, your course of treatment and all the details arising.

Our Mission

Marcopolo Health Tourism promises to make use of its experience and expertise in Iran health services to ensure your complete satisfaction. As the number one trustworthy and reliable company in medical tourism, our main aim is to provide our customers with professional advice and support.

Our Vision

To establish Iran as the first choice country for medical tours. With its top quality, reliable treatment, Iran’s health services are up to global standards.

Marcopolo Health Tourism maintains long-term relationships with its patients and follows every detail of the patient’s treatment, from start to finish.

Medical tours cover more than just the travel. Using the services of a specialised health tourism company will allow you to benefit from the economical and safe services of world class doctors while you are abroad. Marcopolo Health Tourism is here, for all those who choose Iran for a solution to their health issues, to monitor treatment from beginning to end and to meet every one of your medical requirements, from A to Z.

Why use Marcopolo Health Tourism as your Medical Tourism Facilitator?

Marcopolo Health Tourism manages basic information about the business like where the desired medical procedures are available, which medical institutions are more specialized in them, or where you can save the most money. Marcopolo Health Tourism has traveled to all the suggested destinations to assure they have the adequate sanitary standards, high quality personal and high tech equipment. Marcopolo Health Tourism is also an Iranian medical tourism facilitator that can easily organize, recommend, and book: flights, preferred hotels and basic travel requirements. Marcopolo Health Tourism services are FREE. Patients won’t pay more than what they would pay by going directly to the hospital or other service providers, and yet receive additional benefits.