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The presence of MarcoPolo in the FAM tour of Almaty city of Kazakhstan for the second time

Almaty FAM Tour of Kazakhstan that held at the invitation of the Tourism Department of Almaty City, with a presence of various countries in the tourism industry such az China, Canada, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Russia, Uzbekistan and Iran,was a good place to get acquainted with other colleagues and improve tourism relations between […]

Marco Polo presence in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Intimate Conversations of Kazakhstan’s deputy minister of tourism with Senior Managers of Marco Polo Tourism Holdings at Almaty rixos Hotel… this meeting that held with The presence of Deputy of Tourism Cultural Heritage Organization,the Iranian Consul General of Cultural Counselor and Senior managers of public and private sections In particular, the Deputy Minister of Tourism […]


  ۰۲ April 2017 Islamic Azad University (IAU) is planning to host health tourists at its 11 hospitals across the country. 10% of patients visiting hospitals in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Khorasan Razavi and Fars are foreign tourists seeking quality healthcare in Iran. Equipping more clinics and hospitals and preparing university hospitals […]