Heart Surgery

Heart surgeries, also known as cardiac or cardiothoracic surgery, includes many different types of surgical procedures to correct various conditions and damage caused by disease, heart attack, and strokes. Procedures designed to widen narrowed arteries, or pacemakers that are used to help control abnormal heart rhythms as well as procedures that help to insure adequate supply of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle all fall under the scope of cardiac surgery

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iran heart surgery

Open Heart Surgery:

Open Heart Surgery is any type of surgery wherein the chest is cut open and the surgery is performed on the muscles, valves, or arteries of the heart. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is the most common type of heart surgery done on adults in which a healthy artery or vein is grafted (attached) to a blocked coronary (heart) artery. This allows the grafted artery to “bypass” the blocked artery and delivers fresh blood to the heart.

Today, many new heart procedures can be performed with only small incisions (cuts), not wide openings. Therefore, the term “Open Heart Surgery” can sometimes be misleading.

Heart Valve Surgery:

Heart Valve Surgery is a procedure to treat heart valve diseases. In heart valve diseases, at least one of the four heart valves which keep blood flowing in the correct direction through the heart does not function properly. In this type of surgery, your surgeon repairs or replaces the affected heart valves.