Marcopolo Health Tourism works only with the world-class hospitals and clinics in Iran. Our association with high quality hospitals provides treatment at reasonable rates and without wait possible for everyone. Our case managers, all registered nurses, organize every aspect of your procedure and have helped many patients receive medical intervention within a reasonable time.

All of the following hospitals have been audited during a multi-day on site visit, in order to make sure that they meet our strict needs and to provide you with a quality medical tourism experience. We currently offer the following hospitals:

We evaluate our hospitals based on:

  1. Internationally recognized quality institutions.We offer you internationally recognized institutions only. Many of these partners are ISO 9000 certified or in the process of obtaining JCI accreditation.
  2. Internationally renowned doctors. Our partner hospitals have physicians that have been trained outside or their own country and are US board certified. They will likely have written international publications and lectured to their colleagues on a world stage. They are trained to the highest standards and continuously advance their medical knowledge through participating in the latest developments within their fields around the world.
  3. State of the art facilities and equipment. While in the hospital, you will have access to the latest medical technology while surrounded by the comforts of a luxury hotel.
  4. English speaking staff. You do not have to worry over language barriers. In addition to interactions with your doctors in English, you will be able to rely on English-speaking nurses and other hospital staff for your needs.
  5. High quality service and experience in treating international patients. The doctors we work with highly value the opportunity to help you with your medical needs.
    Your doctor’s involvement in your diagnosis, procedure, and recovery is therefore likely to be more extensive than what you are accustomed to in the US. In addition, the doctors we work with have extensive experience hosting international patients and are well equipped to meet your individual needs. Whether you have a special diet, need to make a phone call home or run an errand, someone will be there to assist you.