Marcopolo Health Tourism company at the ASIA MEDICAL TOURISM congress

Asia Medical Tourism Congress – India sees the entry of the largest medical tourism event organizer in the world – that held with a joint collaboration of Tourism Association of America&india ,into the Indian market in partnership with The Times Group India’s leading media group.

The world Medical Tourism Congress is host to stakeholders from a multitude of industries. From Insurance & Healthcare, to Governments & Medical Tourism Facilitators.

Representatives of the Iranian health tourism with managaing of MARCOPOLO health tourism company had actively Participation.
CEO of Marco Polo health tourism, DR.SAEID SADRI with a the expedition team of health tourism had an important negotiations with the best in the world health tourism, major insurance companies and the Department of Tourism Association of America in order to develop cooperation and improve the health tourism in Iran.
Exhibiting and visiting of major Indian hospitals was side events of The conference.

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