The sparkle of Marcopolo Health Tourism Company at the EMITT Exhibition of Turkey

20th round of International Travel and Tourism Exhibition in Turkey (EMITT) was the host of tourists, domestic and foreign companies at the Istanbul’s permanent fairground (TÜYAP(, in January 27, 2016. In this exhibition, about 4500 active companies in the context of tourism including hoteliers and agencies participated from 70 countries around the world, and it was selected as the fifth largest exhibition of Tourism in the world.

Marcopolo Group, inclusive of Iran Tourism Company and Marcopolo Health Tourism Company participated in the exposition on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran, so they attached the visitor’s, enthusiasts’, and numerous agencies’ attention to visit Iran’s stall by introducing tourism attractions, various Iran’s residential and healthcare services potentials in a brochure format and several booklets.

Among other programs of the company in the show were, participation in the Health Tourism Conference of Exhibition and arrange a meeting with Mr. Metinşeref, the director of the tourism sector in the ministry of health of Turkey; a meeting with Mr. Eminçakmak who is the President of the center for Health Tourism Turkey to carry out the joint projects on Health Tourism; to do visit with tourism practitioners and hospital managers in Spain, holding several discussions with executives in corporations, agencies, and Turkey’s major clinics and also the cooperation agreements to conclude with important companies from neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan. The widespread presence of Iran in this years’ show with Iran’s artists and musicians was One of the most important news headlines of EMIT exhibition of 2016 in Istanbul.