Visiting the Ambassador of Ecuador and the Turkish Airlines from the MarcoPolo Group

During the meeting with the Honorable Ambassador of Ecuador and Turkish airline directors with senior management of the MarcoPolo Holdings, decisions were made to expand working relations with the MarcoPolo Holdings.

Another honor for Marcopolo tourism group

Another honor for Marcopolo
Selection of the MarcoPolo Tourism Holdings as the country’s first brand in the World Tourism Day and Awarding certificates of appreciation from the Vice President.

The presence of MarcoPolo in the FAM tour of Almaty city of Kazakhstan for the second time

Almaty FAM Tour of Kazakhstan that held at the invitation of the Tourism Department of Almaty City, with a presence of various countries in the tourism industry such az China, Canada, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Russia, Uzbekistan and Iran,was a good place to get acquainted with other colleagues and improve tourism relations between Two countries.

During the tour, several B to B meetings were held on the introduction of marcopolo tourism holding and collaboration with Marcopolo, especially in the field of health tourism with the presence of Managing Director of Marcopolo Health Tourism company with tour operators from Kazakhstan and various countries.

Marco Polo presence in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Intimate Conversations of Kazakhstan’s deputy minister of tourism with Senior Managers of Marco Polo Tourism Holdings at Almaty rixos Hotel…
this meeting that held with The presence of Deputy of Tourism Cultural Heritage Organization,the Iranian Consul General of Cultural Counselor and Senior managers of public and private sections In particular, the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Kazakhstan ,Introduced Iran’s tourism and medical tourism capacities And ways to develop cooperation with Kazakhstan in the field of tourism and health tourism were examined.

Marcopolo Health Tourism company at the ASIA MEDICAL TOURISM congress

Asia Medical Tourism Congress – India sees the entry of the largest medical tourism event organizer in the world – that held with a joint collaboration of Tourism Association of America&india ,into the Indian market in partnership with The Times Group India’s leading media group.

The world Medical Tourism Congress is host to stakeholders from a multitude of industries. From Insurance & Healthcare, to Governments & Medical Tourism Facilitators.

Representatives of the Iranian health tourism with managaing of MARCOPOLO health tourism company had actively Participation.
CEO of Marco Polo health tourism, DR.SAEID SADRI with a the expedition team of health tourism had an important negotiations with the best in the world health tourism, major insurance companies and the Department of Tourism Association of America in order to develop cooperation and improve the health tourism in Iran.
Exhibiting and visiting of major Indian hospitals was side events of The conference.



۰۲ April 2017

Islamic Azad University (IAU) is planning to host health tourists at its 11 hospitals across the country. 10% of patients visiting hospitals in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Khorasan Razavi and Fars are foreign tourists seeking quality healthcare in Iran. Equipping more clinics and hospitals and preparing university hospitals to provide high quality medical services to foreign tourists would definitely help boost development.

Dr. Seyyed Ali Abtahi of IAU says, “Medical tourism is the most profitable and stable branch of tourism in Iran. Iran’s high medical standards and affordability help draw many from regional countries.”

Iran’s health tourism revenues were $1.2 billion in the Iranian year ending March 2016, according to the Association for Development of Medical Tourism Services.

Those from Muslim countries are particularly attracted to Iran, as they feel safer and more confortable than in Asian countries offering similar services.

Iran’s ultimate goal is to earn $25 billion a year through tourism by 2025, $2.5 billion of which will come from medical tourism.